Fark yeah, you’ve finally found your soul mate and now you get to dress up all fancy for a once in a lifetime fiesta with all your favorite people. I’m jealous!!

If you’re anything like me, you believe wedding days should be nothing but fun. Rain or shine, you’re totally planning on having the most awesome day ever surrounded by all your favorite people. Good vibes, great food and over the top dance moves!

You’re not too keen on posing for the camera hours on end, but you do appreciate natural images that captures all the official goodies + all the crazy, spontaneous, in-between gold. And let’s be honest, although you probably feel awkward as anything in front of a camera, you also secretly wish for some beautiful portraits together with your (soon to be) husband/wife.

Sounds like the type of wedding photography you’re after?  Let’s chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos will we get in total?

I never put a cap on number of images delivered and you can expect to get everything worth getting.

Will our photos be watermarked?

Absolutely not, your photos will never have a watermark on them!


When will we get out photos?

While some months are busier than others, I always endeavour to get your photos to you as quickly as possible as I know how excited you are to see them! You’ll definitely get your images no later than 8-10 weeks after your wedding.

Do we get any sneak peeks while we wait?
Absolutely you will. You will receive a sneak peek gallery with 20 or so images within 4 days of your wedding for you to enjoy and share in your newlywed bliss.

How would you describe your style?

Candid. Natural. Intimate. Positive. Calm.

I prefer to document your day as it unfolds without interfering. I will sneak around in the background, mostly unnoticed, yet always ready to ‘strike’.

I goes a little like this: You have fun – I capture it without you even noticing.


Do we need to do a lot of posing for the camera?

Absolutely not! Even during the portrait session there will be no traditional posing required. Instead we will make the portrait session it into a relaxed, intimate and fun little adventure and nice breather away from the crowd.


We are super awkward in front of the camera, will this be a problem?

Most of my couples feel this way (and so do I!). I mean – who in their right mind likes having their photos taken, right?  And no, it certainly won’t be a problem.  Most of the time you won’t even notice I am there. Just be yourself and enjoy your day – that’s all I require from you! 🙂


Should we provide you with a shot list?

No. I actually discourage it.

As a documentary photographer I photograph what I see while it’s happening. If you’ve tasked me to follow an extensive shot list it will take me away from the moments and may lead me to miss those really special moments no-one saw coming.

But I do want to know what matters most to you of course. This is where my pre-wedding questionnaire comes in!

A few months before the wedding I will send you my questionnaire which will cover everything from what family portrait combinations you want captured to what moments, details, relationships ++ matters most to you.

What if it rains?

If it rains it rains and we’ll make the most of it! Think umbrellas, gumboots and a positive attitude! Rain makes for an amazing atmosphere in photos.

Another option is of course shooting indoors using natural window light. It’s actually one of my favourite lights! And there are always spots around that can provide us with a bit of cover if it won’t stop pouring.

Will you edit all our photos?

Yes. After I have selected your final gallery photos I edit each photo individually to create a cohesive look throughout.


How would you describe your editing style?

My style of editing is natural and clean. I love creating a timeless yet warm look with toned down colours that compliment your styling. I always edit to suit the atmosphere and style of the day. If your day was dark and romantic, so will your photos be. If you day was bright and colourful, your photos will be too!


Do we get both colour and black and white edits of each photo?

I love black and white edits. I feel it gives the photos such a beautiful timeless look. With that being said I will always give you both a colour and a black and white edit of each wedding photo.

What cameras and lenses do you use?

I currently shoot with Sony a7iii cameras and a range of different prime lenses and some zoom lenses. My favorite is definitely my 35mm prime, I probably shoot 80% of my wedding work with it.

Do you have a backup if your camera stop working in the middle of our wedding?

Absolutely. I always carry two cameras on me during the wedding day + another backup camera in my bag.

What happens if one of your memory cards fails?

All of my cameras have dual memory card slots. This means that each photo I take during the day is instantly saved onto two different memory cards. So in the unlikely event that one of my memory cards fails, I will always have a complete copy of all the photos on my second card.

How early should we book you?

Most of my weddings are booked around 8-12 months in advance.


Can you pencil us in?

Sorry, I can’t promise to hold your date without a signed contract and $550 retainer.