If you’re anything like me you’re probably a bit camera shy and somewhat anxious about your upcoming photoshoot. So to help you calm your nerves before our shoot I’ve written a few tips that I hope will help. Read on if you want to know the secret sauce behind how to look natural in photos.

1. Relax, breathe, and be present.

Trust me, There is no right or wrong way when it comes to being in front of my camera. I’m an overthinker myself so I know it’s hard, but try not to self-analyze your every movement. Negative thoughts like ‘am I doing this right?’ ‘I don’t think this is my best angle’ “is this what she meant’ etc will only make it harder for you to relax. The best thing you can do to achieve natural photos is allowing yourself to be natural. So block off your insecurities and trust that I have your best interest at heart – because I definitely do.

2. Being yourself is more than enough.

The first thing my couples tell me once we start the session is ‘just tell us what to do’. And of course, I will provide guidance on what to actually do throughout the shoot. But please know that my directions will always be somewhat vague. This is to allow your own interpretations, personalities and beings shine through. As a documentary-style photographer, your uniqueness and how you connect as a couple is the real magic I’m looking to capture. I’m not interested in posing you 50 different ways, I rather just go with the flow and let the location, light and your authentic connection guide me. So just be yourself and I’ll make sure to capture natural couples’ portrait that’ll make you go  ‘Wow this is so us!’ and ‘We look amazing!!”

3. Move lots and have fun with it.

If you stop moving for just 2 seconds you’ll instantly look stiff and unnatural. This is why I won’t put you into poses, and rather encourage you to move freely throughout the shoot. Moving does not only allow you to look natural and alive, it also opens up the possibilities of capturing real in-between moments impossible to achieve through traditional posing. Your movements can be super subtle and gentle like stroking your partner’s arms or hands, rubbing their back, or simply swaying back and forth together. It can also be more dramatic like twirling,  piggyback riding, or bumping hips while walking.

I always encourage lots of movement during my shoots and I will always help with suggestions should you need it. As most documentary-style photographers, however, I love it when you start to move more freely without me giving you directions. This usually happens in the second half of the shoot once you’ve become fully comfortable in front of my camera. And this my friends is where the real magic happens. You, enjoying each other’s company, doing whatever feels right in your moment is the secret behind nailing natural couples photos.



So there you have it. I hope these tips will help you feel less anxious about your upcoming photoshoot because It’s actually a lot of fun!

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