Me in my usual wedding attire. Thanks to Dorian Rusu Photographer for the snap. 

Hi I’m Ingrid and I’ve been doing this wedding photography thingy full time for 3 years.

Much like you, I’m a positive & down to earth person who loves a good adventure. I was born and raised in Northern Norway (hence the weird surname) but I’ve called WA home for the past 9 years. I’m currently based in Bunbury but if everything goes to plan I’ll be in Perth very soon.

As a person, I’m kind of an extroverted introvert and very much driven by logic. I’m a big thinker and can sometimes come across as quiet and weird. But I love nothing more than to get to know new people (as long as we skip the ‘small talk’).

I’m also the kind of person who’ll stay up all night with an audiobook or watching youtube videos to learn new skills. May it be to better my photography, web design, coding or anything else I’ve put my mind to. I also love languages and am currently teaching myself Spanish just for fun – because ¿Por Qué No?

I’m not all nerd tho. I’ve played sports all my life, I love love love hiking mountains, and I get lost in every Netflix show I watch. I’ll always (without fail) be the last ‘man’ standing if you invite me to a good ol’ house party. And did anyone say Tacos??

So why weddings, and how did I get here?

Photography was my first love and I’ve been into it ever since I got my first camera some 20 years ago. However weddings were never on my radar. I used to be what you call ‘anti-wedding photography’ (The bridezillaphobia was real!).

That was until a friend convinced me to shoot her wedding back in 2015. And lucky me she did as it made me realise that weddings = everything I love about photography.

It’s visual storytelling. It’s documenting real-life moments as they happen. It’s being able to shoot 100% reactivly (as weddings can be hectic and unpredictable). It’s good vibes all around and it’s allowing me to capture something meaningful for others.

So here I am 3 and a bit years later loving every part of being a wedding photographer. Wedding days genuinely excited me and in the weeks coming up to your wedding I’ll be just as excited as you.

If you like my style and think we’ll gel well I’d love to have a chat