Hi, I’m Ingrid.

Your Bunbury + South West Wedding Photographer

Me in my usual wedding attire. Thanks to Dorian Rusu Photographer for the snap. 

Much like you, I’m a positive, down-to-earth, adventure-seeking, road-trip enthusiast who loves everything the South West has to offer.

I am a storyteller by heart and here to document your honest, unplanned and spontaneous wedding day moments as well as the official ones. Because every moment, big and small, has significance in its own way.

My photography style is natural, intimate, and honest. Allowing your personality, connection and wedding day atmosphere take center stage. I capture what I see happen as it happens to let you enjoy your moments without interruption.

And I’m not only your wedding photographer for the wedding day. We’ll get to know each other long before that. First during your pre-wedding photo adventure. Then for coffee or drinks when I assist you in planning your stress-free wedding day timeline. Think we’ll gel well?

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My Values

Integrity, honesty & Respect
Being friendly, flexible & Understanding
Quality over quantity

My Why

I photograph for many different reasons.

One, to preserve a moment, feeling, connection, story, or person that deserve to be remember. Photography has the power to freeze time, and each photograph is a time machine that allows us to share, visit and re-live a past moment over and over again. To give others the ability to travel back in time to remember  and re-live their moments – that is why I photograph.

Two. To communicate, connect and feel a sense of belonging. Photography is a universal language which has helped me, once a shy and introverted kid from northern Norway, communicate, connect and make meaningful relationships with people from all over the world. 

Three. To show others that beauty can be found in the most mundane settings. And to help people see that they too are beautiful in their own unique way.

Four. Because I love and enjoy it. Always have, always will.

Other things you’d learn about me over tacos

I’m Norwegian and grew up above the Arctic Circle. Where the sun never sets during summer, and the northern lights dance the night away during winter.

I’m known to mix up my v’s and w’s as well as calling the number 3 a tree. It’ll make you giggle.

My week isn’t complete without eating Mexican at least once or twice (or ‘tree’ times)

There is not a single egg related pun that hasn’t yet been explored in my household. I’m not eggaggerating.

I once road-tripped from Sydney to Perth in a van together with another friend called Ingrid and one called Inga. It was ‘Ingcredible’ (sorrynotsorry)

In my early twenties I spent a total of 13 months over a two year period in Bali Indonesia.

I have a business degree in corporate finance and investment finance. From UWA, the University of Western Australia. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!

In 2017 I ran a 10 day photography adventure to Northern Norway together with one of a kind photography guiding 8 people around the arctic for the best light and sceneries. 

My most commonly used emoji is the ‘perfect’ hand gesture one.  Or the one with sunglasses. Because Australia.

My biggest ‘time suck’ is when I edit photos or fluff around with CSS to change stuff on my website. Before I know it all day is gone and I haven’t even had lunch yet.

I bought my first ‘proper’ DSLR camera in 2006, but I’ve been interested in photography since as long as I can remember.

I never intended on becoming a wedding photographer. However after my first wedding I realised that weddings ties everything I love about photography into one day and haven’t looked back since.

When I’m not busy working with awesome couples like yourself I’ve got plenty of other projects to keep me going:

I’m a keen travel, landscape and astro photographer.  A hobbyist graphic designer + A person who is constantly fiddling with her Wordpress site design +++


One of my personal favorite images of mine: The moon rising under a setting Milkyway at Sugarloaf Rock WA.