Hey, I’m Ingrid and I’m the person behind Ingrid Kjelling Photography – a multifaceted photography business based out of Perth, Western Australia.

Documentary-style wedding photography is definitely my main gig, but I also offer event photography, couples photography, family photography, at home newborn photography, landscape & travel photography, business & personal branding photography, photography education plus some other bits and pieces.

My style of photography is natural and relaxed, and my client experience is always a comfortable and stress-free one. I often joke that my camera is my license to people watch – because that’s basically what I do. I watch and I wait until the good stuff happens. And when It does, I catch it. It doesn’t really matter if It’s a wedding, family session, or whatnot. I simply love capturing meaningful moments.


As a person, I’m a down-to-earth, simple individual who it’s easy to get along with. When I’m not busy photographing, editing, or working on my business you’ll often find me road-tripping around our beautiful state, listening to interesting audiobooks, or binge-watching the latest Netflix/SBS Nordic Noir crime show. If WA wasn’t as flat as it is, you’d probably find me hiking a lot of mountains too. (yeah, I’m a bit of an Introvert. Can you tell? :P)

As you’ve probably gathered from my name, I’m originally from Norway. And Even tho my Scandinavian accent will tell you differently, I’ve lived in WA for nearly 10 years now. First in Perth, then in Bunbury, and now in Perth again.

As you get to know me better you’ll find that I am a very caring person who wants nothing more than to exceed my client’s photography expectations. I’m definitely less about ‘superficial fluff’ and more about the things that really matter. That’s probably why I favour working with laidback, adventurous couples unafraid to do their own thing.


For many many years landscapes were my main subjects. I was simply too shy to venture into the world of people photography.

That all changed when a friend of mine asked If I could shoot her wedding. It was then I discover that wedding days + my documentary approach to photography was a perfect match.

I actually enjoyed my first wedding so much that I wanted to give it a go full time. Of course I didn’t become a full time photographer over night, but 2 years after my first wedding I  decided to quit my 9-5 job. That was at the beginning of 2017 and I’m still at it today, so I guess I must be doing something right.


Although my business is called ‘Ingrid Kjelling Photography’ I’m very lucky to have a bit of help behind the scenes from Adrian. My amazing partner of 8ish years, and the reason I got ‘stuck in Australia’ after Uni. Like me, Adrian is super down to earth and easy to get along with. And if you’ve booked a second shooter for your wedding, it’ll probably be Adrian.

Love is love!

It shouldn’t need to be said but I support marriage equality and same-sex couples with all my heart!

Furthermore, I could not care less what race, culture, religion, or social background you are from, nor what you and your partner identify as. If you’re a laidback couple planning a fun celebration worth remembering, I’d absolutely love to hear from you / be your wedding photographer!

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Wow what a weekend I’ve had! On friday I documented the most incredible wedding set amongst blossoming cherry trees in Dwellingup. On saturday I documented the most beauitful forest ceremony down near Balingup, and on sunday I got to hang out with these two super fun ones in Eaton 😍🥰 Now I have some busy days ahead preparing sneak peeks and editing before another big double wedding weekend kicks off on friday. Let’s just say it’s good to be back doing what I love most after so many months sitting idle 🖤💪👊 How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun or exciting? 😁

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Oh look, It’s Me and my partner Adrian (📷 by @amanda.aftonphoto ). Now I know how awkward all of you feel when you’re in front of my camera… 😂

Sooo yeah. It’s been a while since I posted anything to my IG feed. More than 9 months to be exact (oops)😅

It’s not because I don’t have anything new to share - it’s kinda the opposite to be honest. (weird - because if it isn’t on instagram it didn’t happen, right? 😜) 

I’ve been lucky enough to document some incredible couples and wedding celebrations over the past year, All of which 100% deserve to be shared! But since I’m so out of the IG game (and because I’m an over-thinker😅) I’m having a hard time deciding where to start.

So my questions to you is - what would you like to see on my feed? More wedding portraits or more real wedding day moment? Dance-floor craziness or perhaps bridal party fun? Colour images or a black and whites? Let me know in the comments below! 😊