Oh hey

I'm Ingrid and I'm a Wedding Photographer and Small Business owner based in Perth WA.

I often joke that my camera is my license to people watch - because that’s basically what I do. I watch and I wait until the good stuff happens. And when It does, I catch it.

I’m definitely less about the ‘wedding fluff’ and more about meaningful moments and relationships. That’s probably why I favour simple celebrations with lots of laughter, and laidback fun-loving couples unafraid to do their own thing.

But who am I and why is my last name so damn hard to pronounce?

The weird last name is thanks to me being Norwegian. That KJ combo is rather common up there. And even tho my funky scandi-accent will tell you differently, I’ve actually lived in WA for nearly 10 years. First in Perth, then in Bunbury, and now in Perth again.

As a person I am super down to earth and easy to get along with. When I’m not busy shooting, editing, or doing website stuff you’ll find me road-tripping our beautiful South West, plotting new business ventures, playing board games with friends, binge-watching the latest Netflix, or SBS Nordic Noir detective show or planning my next Norwegian mountain top adventure.

If you are an easy-going couple in need of a wedding photographer, I'd love to hear from you!

11 fun facts about me!

My home town Bodø lies above the arctic circle, which means I grew up with both the northern lights and the midnight sun.

I've represented WA in both Beach handball and Indoor handball (The Olympic kind - not foursquare).

I'm licensed to drive a snowmobile.

I would wear trackies everywhere if it were socially acceptable.

So far, I've shot weddings in Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, and India.

I have a university degree in financial accounting and investment finance.

I once had a job as a cemetery handywoman.

I'm currently teaching myself Spanish just for fun, because languages are fun!

I will happily drink Jägermaister straight from the bottle.

I have a (sometimes annoying) need to know how everything works and will research the sh*t out of the most random things.

I'd choose camping over a 5-star hotel any day of the week

My side kick & second shooter Adrian

Meet Adrian, my partner of 8ish years, and the reason I got 'stuck in Australia' after finishing Uni. He is always my first choice when I need a second shooter since we're totally in sync. So if you've booked a second photographer for your wedding chances are you'll meet Adrian too.

How did I end up as a full-time photographer?

To me, photography has always been about documenting moments and places. For many many years, I was all about landscape, travel, and night-sky photography. Then two things happened that eventually led me to quit my 9-5 and do this photography thing full time:

1: I accidentally drowned my camera in a Tasmanian lake during a sunrise shoot (making me realise I needed to start earning some money of photography to justify my excessive spending and GAS). 2: A friend of mine was getting married and asked me to shoot her wedding

I reluctantly said yes to shoot my friend’s wedding (thinking I would hate it) only to discover that wedding days + my documentary approach to photography was a match made in heaven. I had the best time ever, and not long after, I said YOLO, quit my office job, and ‘ran into the sunset camera in hand.’

Three and a bit years later, I’m still at it, so I guess I’m doing something right, right?

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